Shopify Success Story: Distill Union, a designer-created lifestyle accessories brand

by 300cbt Team

Distill Union delivers their products in a fun and effective way through excellent design, and in this post, we will look at the success factors of Distill Union, which operates a shopping mall using the e-commerce platform Shopify.

Good Design is Good For You

Distill Union, founded in 2011 by designers Nate Justiss and Lindsay Windham, is a company that designs, manufactures, and distributes slim wallets and iPhone cases, and recently launched sunglasses with the MagLock concept. .

shopfy success story distilunion

▲ Distill Union founders Lindsay and Nate

Distill Union's products are broadly divided into three categories, and each category's strength is its design-centered product concept. This concept is well expressed through images and videos on the product page.


You deserve to carry something slim. It's time to get slim. The simple copy on the back expresses Distill Union’s products well. The copy alone makes me want to buy it. The Slim Wallet series is Distill Union's flagship product with more than 2,000 product reviews on Amazon.

shopfy success story distilunion

▲ Slim Wallet Series

shopfy success story distilunion

▲ Site banner for the Slim Wallet series


Go from this. is a simple message that visually explains the benefits of the product. Images are used very effectively.

shopify success story distilunion

▲ Product description image designed to help you see the product’s advantages at a glance

shopify success story distilunion

▲ iPhone accessories banner

MagLock Sunglasses. Lost sunglasses. Scratched lenses. Uncomfortable straps. Anyone who has owned a pair of sunglasses understands these frustrations–which is why we invented MagLock™

The problem with sunglasses is that they are not easy to store when moving around after wearing them. That's why a lot of Koreans wear it on their heads. Distill Union's Mac Rock sunglasses were created to solve this inconvenience. Macrock sunglasses come with a magnet so they can be attached and detached from your top. Plus, it's very sturdy.

shopify success story distilunion

▲ MacRock sunglasses product slogan

shopify success story distilunion

▲ Image explaining the advantages of Mac Rock sunglasses

Distill Union used Kickstarter to create the product. We successfully raised our first funding by launching a product that accurately identified the needs of our customers. Their crowd funding story was featured in leading media outlets such as Engadget, Entrepreneur, USA Today, and the New York Times, leading to numerous reviews, so there was no need for separate product promotion.

Distill Union's strength lies in its ability to create design-based products and communicate the product's strengths visually. If you look at the products they make and the images of the products they create by accessing the website, you can say they are “simple” in and of themselves. Simplicity always wins.

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