Shopify Success Story: Mama & Little, an Accessories Brand for Moms

by 300cbt Team

After giving birth, parents' lifestyles have no choice but to be tailored solely for the sake of the child. When you become a mother, you cannot wear most of the accessories you normally wear. Mama & Little has discovered this niche and is introducing a non-toxic, eco-friendly accessory brand that is harmless even if children put it in their mouths.

Original on-trend Teething Jewelry

Mama & Little is a brand that started with the idea of ​​incorporating accessories into the design of commercially available teethers because they felt they were too clunky. Their products are made of silicone and are harmless for babies to bite or suck.

shopify mama little

▲ Arleene and her family, founder of Little & Mama

shopify mama little

▲ Stability of Mama & Little products

Product Line Up

Products include necklaces, bracelets, teething clips, pacifiers, and wear. If you are thinking about a baby gift, you may want to consider Mama & Little's products.

shopify mama little

shopify mama little

shopify mama little

▲ Mama & Little’s product lineup

Online Store Strategy

Since Mama & Little products are more like teethers than accessories for mothers, product stability is most important. To prove this, the main page displays information about testimonials and product ingredients from infant-related media and communities such as Mother, OC Family, Pregnancy and Newborn. Recently, images of products being worn are uploaded through Instagram, the hottest social channel, and links to Baby List , a parenting product curation site, are used to encourage gift purchases.

On the product page, you can receive a discount code through Facebook Messenger to increase purchase conversion.

Apps used to operate the site

  • MailChimp : Email Marketing Provider
  • Loox : Photo Review
  • Reference : Affiliate Marketing Tool
  • Recart : Discount code via Facebook Messenger, Abendon Cart Recovery App
  • Beeketing : Sale Pop-up


Founder Arleene launched Mama & Little in 2014 with $1,500 and now distributes products to more than 30 stores and Nordstrom, the largest department store in the United States. It proved that a small idea can become a business. Have you ever thought about what it would be like to have at least one product like this? Then put your idea into action. Like Mama and Little.

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