Shopify Success Story: Soyoung, the cool bag brand loved by Hollywood celebrities

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When starting a new business, there is nothing more helpful than benchmarking. If you are building an overseas shopping mall for the first time, you will face many difficulties. In this post, we will look at So Young Inc., which is considered a successful example of an online shopping mall built with the e-commerce solution Shopify, and learn about their brand building, site composition, and operation.


Soyoung is a Canadian-based eco-friendly insulated bag brand whose founder Catherine Choi (a second-generation Korean immigrant) overcame her dark past to succeed. The bag designs are the work of external professional designers, and we currently have local vendors in the Americas, Europe, Australia, Malaysia, Mexico, Chile, the Philippines, and Korea. In Korea, it is known as a keyword for the insulated bag loved by Hollywood celebrities . The current lineup includes Adult, Kids, and Baby bags, and on the online shopping mall, you can see photos of celebrities such as Jessica Alba, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Halle Berry holding Soyoung bags.

shopify success story soyoung

▲ Soyoung main slide image

mom! Was your mom a drug addict?

Catherine Choi, the founder and CEO of Soyoung, suffered from heroin addiction when she was young and suffered financial ruin, which led to a very depressed youth. However, after marriage and childbirth, she realized the love of her family and gained strength to launch the Soyoung brand. Soyoung recently appeared on Dragon's Den, a program related to entrepreneurship, and attracted $250,000 in investment.

shopify success story soyoung
▲ Soyoung founder Catherine Choi

shopify success story soyoung
▲ Soyoung cold insulated bag introduced in Dragons Den, a program related to entrepreneurship

shopify success story soyoung
▲ Hollywood celebrity Jessica Part-time and her first daughter

Slogan, tag line

SoYoung Design. Conscious. Life. Among Soyoung's taglines, conscious is a keyword that refers to clothing produced in an eco-friendly and ethical process from material selection to the manufacturing process, also known as " conscious fashion ." Soyoung emphasizes that their products are eco-friendly. Soyoung products pursue an eco-friendly concept.

Site composition and design

Soyoung's product categories consist of Adult, Kids, and Baby lines, and the site design focuses on simplicity. In addition, in order to promote our representative product, the insulated bag, we linked it with Baby List , a curation site related to childcare, so that anyone can share (and buy) Soyoung products. We created a menu called STORIES on the blog and featured Catherine Choi's stories as well. In addition, we are continuously posting blogs related to childcare and home care.

site analytics

Main page title: Lunch Boxes, Backpacks and Diaper Bags from SoYoung USA Meta description: Eco-Friendly Lunch Boxes, Cooler Bags, Backpacks and Unisex Diaper Bags for Healthy Living On-the-Go

  • We borrow keywords related to baby bags and use them as titles.

Themes and apps you are using

We are running an online shop with Shopify and the design is based on the pipeline theme . The apps in use include (reward app), Klaviyo (customer management app), and Stamped (product review app).


Creating your own brand may sound grand, but even global brands start with small ideas. For global sellers in Korea, why not try creating your own brand instead of just finding and listing products that are selling well?

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