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by 300cbt Team

If I create my first store, how long do I have to wait before buyers come to my store and make purchases? 2-3 days? 1 week? Full moon? Any store owner would like to see traffic to their store quickly, so they are eagerly waiting for their first order to come in.

There are various ways to generate traffic to your store, but today we will talk about paid advertising. In fact, the fastest way to generate targeted traffic is through paid advertising. The majority of paid advertising channels are PPC-based, and many can be started with a budget of as little as $10.

Each advertising platform will be different, but you must choose an advertising channel based on your target audience and how you want to reach potential customers. If you're targeting a specific country, you should first check which social networks are popular in that market.

Especially if you decide to start with paid social marketing, start by filling your main profile feed with several posts. If you save enough content, you can easily move to other channels and prevent visitors from leaving. So, shall we learn about the representative channels of paid advertising?

Facebook Ads

Facebook ads are the most popular social channel and have the most diverse users across age, income, gender, and race. So, various brands can use Facebook's targeting options such as age, gender, job title, location, and interests to reach their ideal customers. Interests are especially useful. You can also create custom customer profiles on Facebook to reach people with your ads using their favorite Pages.

Recommended target: Store operators who clearly know the ideal customer base for their product and what their preferences are. For example, if you are a store that sells pop culture t-shirts, you can easily find your target audience on Facebook by targeting users who are interested in pop culture icons.

United by Blue, a casual clothing brand, was able to promote its eco-friendly products through Facebook advertising. For example, by using advertisements that can show multiple products in one advertisement, such as carousel advertisements, we targeted users who are interested in the environment and presented their fashion looks.


▲United by Blue’s Facebook carousel advertisement

Instagram Ads

Instagram, with its eye-catching format and predominantly millennial users, is the social network with the most loyal users, according to Smart Insights .
Not only is it a great platform for influencer marketing, but you can expose your posts to more people for free by using relevant hashtags. With Instagram ads, you can also drive traffic to your visual ads through other people's bulletin boards. In particular , Follain, a beauty and skin care brand, used an advertisement offering free samples through Instagram advertising, which reportedly received over 3,600 views.
▲Pauline’s Instagram cosmetics sample giveaway advertisement

Brandless generated sales by using Instagram advertisements to showcase products through video.

▲Brandless Instagram showcase advertisement

Recommended target: Products with strong visual stimulation, such as fashion, food, and fitness, must be used. If you have high-quality, attractive photos and want to attract millennial customers, try holding a sample giveaway event on Instagram.

Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest may not be as well-known as the previous channels, but it is a very useful social channel for interest-based targeting. According to a survey by Pinterest and social marketing app HootSuite, the majority of their users are female and have an income, and they can drive significant traffic through free or paid advertising.

Using Pinterest is similar to scrapbooking. Users collect and save ‘Pins’ on boards with specific topics. You can use it to plan events, save interesting articles, and decorate your wardrobe, so you can use it for Pinterest advertising. From 'promotional' pins to 'buyable' pins, Pinterest offers a variety of tools to help you easily drive sales.

Recommended target: Recommended for product groups with outstanding visual materials, such as fashion, home decor, food, art, and design, especially targeting female customers.

ThirdLove , a women's underwear brand, directed users directly to a product page with a similar emotional look and feel through the advertisement below.


▲Pin advertisement leading to purchase on Third Love’s Pinterest

Google Ads

When many people want to buy something overseas, the first thing they do is search for it on Google. Google Ads, formerly Google AdWords, allows your site to appear at the top of the page when customers search for related terms.

▲Google advertising analysis

Google Ads offers several options, including text ads that appear prominently in search results and Shopping ads that show product photos and prices in a more e-commerce format.

By using Google advertising, you can check the search volume of terms that target customers are looking for through conduct keyword research, and a variety of uses are possible, such as display advertising using video videos and Google shopping. However, if you feel that Google ads are difficult because of the complex interface as well as various functions, it is a good idea to ask a Shopify Expert or use professional consulting.

Recommended target: trendy product lines with high search volume, regional businesses, products/services, etc.

Are you frustrated with preparing your store and just waiting for the first order to come in? So why not plan a paid advertisement that will shorten the wait? Don’t hesitate, especially if it’s a product that is sensitive to trends such as fashion or beauty. Spend money to make money!


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