TOP 10 price comparison sites that every overseas seller must visit

by 300cbt Team

When purchasing electronic products, visit Danawa at least once to search for the lowest price!

Isn’t there a service like this overseas?

Price comparison site (CSE: Comparison Shopping Engines)

Price comparison services, which began to emerge in the early 2000s as online sales boomed, are now expanding their scope to include not only comparing prices of the same product (same GTIN) but also providing hot deal information. In Korea, price comparison sites such as Danawa, Enuri, and Kucha are in operation. In overseas markets, more diverse price comparison sites are active in each country. In this post, we will look at overseas price comparison sites that overseas sellers should consider opening a store!

Preparation for opening a store on an overseas price comparison site

In order to open a store, you must create a feed of product data from an operating shopping mall and submit it to the site. A feed is a file format that includes product title, price, SKU, and description. It can be submitted in the form of Google Spreadsheet, XML, FTP upload, etc. For efficient feed management, it is recommended to use a feed-related app.

​Representative feed apps when using Shopify include Shopping Feeder , Shopping Feed , and Data Feed Watch , and these feed apps provide not only price comparison sites but also marketplace integration functions such as eBay, Amazon, Etsy, and Houzz (household-related marketplace). I'm doing it. Some price comparison sites require a corporation in an English-speaking country to open a store.

TOP 10 price comparison sites (English speaking)

Let’s take a look at the top 10 price comparison sites in English-speaking countries. Major price comparison services allow you to set target countries separately.

1. Google Shopping

google shopping

▲ Google shopping page

Google Shopping is the world's largest shopping search engine that allows you to not only compare prices but also advertise products worldwide. Google Shopping also includes marketplaces such as eBay, Walmart, and Qoo10, as well as vertical sites such as Sephora and Overstock. To open a store, you need a Google Merchant, Shopping Feed, or Google AdWords account. For more information about Google Shopping, please refer to the Google Shopping Guide post .

2. Bing Shopping Campaigns

price comparison site

▲ Bing shopping page

Bing Shopping is a service similar to Google Shopping and is operated by Microsoft Bing. Click Switch to Bing in English on the Bing shopping page to check out the shopping campaigns in operation. In English-speaking countries, the proportion of Google users is much higher, but it is known that 10% to 20% of Internet users only use Bing. If you pay for advertising using PayPal, you can also open a Bing Shopping store as a Korean business.

​3. NexTag

price comparison site

▲ NexTag main page

NexTag, which has been in operation since 1999, is a representative price comparison site with millions of visitors every month. NexTag provides price comparison services for not only general products but also tickets, real estate, and travel-related products.

4. Shopzilla

price comparison site

▲ Shopzilla main page

Shopzilla is one of the representative price comparison sites and is operated by a media company called Conexerty. It mainly sells electronics and fashion products, and operates sites in the US, UK, France, and Germany.

​5. PriceGrabber

price comparison site

▲ Price Grabber main page

Price Grabber is a site frequently used by domestic fast buyers and, like Shopzilla, is operated by Conexerty. For localization, we operate separate US (global) and UK sites.

​6. BizRate

price comparison site

▲ Bizrate main page

Bizrate is also a company under Conexity, and has companies such as Amazon, Walmart, Sears, and Poshmark.


price comparison site

▲ is a subsidiary of eBay and part of the eBay Commerce Network. curates products registered on eBay and provides a price comparison service. Global brands and distributors such as Whirlpool, Siemens, Coach, Ferrari, and Hushpuppy are located here, and we operate sites in the US, Australia, UK, France, and Germany.

8. Become

Becom, which features a simple site structure, provides a price comparison service focused on Fiction.

9. Pronto

Unlike other price comparison sites, Pronto displays shopping search results in the form of a search engine.

10. Amazon Product Ads

Amazon operates a marketplace and advertising platform. Amazon Advertising allows you to expose products to the Amazon advertising network as well as display and video advertisements.

We have looked at various price comparison sites above. Opening a store on a price comparison site can greatly help increase brand awareness, so we recommend that you start your campaign with Google Shopping, which is the most used website.

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