Overseas shopping mall success story Mancrates, a gift shop for real men

by 300cbt Team

“A gift is not something you receive, it’s something you earn.”

Introducing Mancrates.com, a gift shop for men with overwhelming visuals. Crate means wooden box or box. Mancrates, which started in 2011 with the idea of ​​a tough gift shop for men, has already been featured in numerous media outlets.

Mashable "peers into the magic and mystery" (attracted $3 million investment)

Today Show: "the Perfect Foodie Gift"

Cosmopolitan "Valentine's Day gifts for guys"

​Choosing a gift is not easy for anyone, and in some cases, gifts can cause great stress. But if it's something like Mancrates as a gift for a man, wouldn't it be worth over 80 points?

High Five Guarantee & 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Mancrate offers a High Five Guarantee. "If you spilled hot sauce on the carpet while opening Mancrates as a gift? Contact Mancrates. We'll take care of it." We provide customer satisfaction C/S such as:

Mancrates’ Psych concept and slogan

The BEST Gift idea for Men

Awesome Gifts For Men

We are Man Crates, and we make awesome gifts guys love

SEO and advertising keywords are also tailored to “gift”.


Products are UGC (User-Generated Content)

The Mancrates box is not easy to open so that opening the product itself can be a great pleasure(?). In fact, it is made to be difficult to open. Because this is a gift for a man. There are numerous videos related to Mancrates unboxing uploaded on YouTube.

Mancrates product composition

Because it is an American-based company, product categories are organized to suit the tendencies of American men.

  • PERSONALIZED: PERSONALIZED GIFTS FOR HIM (personalized products such as engraving names on swords)
  • OUTDOOR: OUTDOOR GIFTS FOR MEN (Outdoor related products)
  • PROJECT KITS (kits that allow recipients to create their own products)

▲ Mancrates Food Category Product List

▲ Crates for ramen enthusiasts, currently sold out

Since most Mancrates products are not produced directly but are curated through internal meetings, the inventory cost burden is close to zero. This is a huge advantage in Mancrates' operation. Products like the one in the photo (above) are either newly created or disappear immediately from the site depending on their popularity.


The price range for most ManCrates for each product is $60.00-$99.00, and for electronics-related crates , the price range is around $150, making it an affordable gift .

▲ Bluetooth speaker made by modifying a coal canister

Site composition and design concept

Mancrates used Big Commerce and was introduced in the Big Commerce success story, but has recently been newly established and operated as an independent shopping mall. The site design is the same as when produced using Big Commerce.

The site design is simple so that anyone can easily find the product, and the site colors are black and white as the background and yellow as the CTA button. Korean sellers are accustomed to the flashy designs of domestic shopping malls, so they often want complex compositions and design effects in overseas shopping malls, but overseas shopping mall designs are simple and, like Mancrates, maintain design points with 2-3 colors. It's normal to have it.

With a customer-friendly UX, we use a phone at the top and a chat app (zendesk chat) at the bottom so you can contact us right away if you have any questions about the product.


▲ Login screen composed of Mancrates staff

The models in the banner images are actual Mancrates staff, and they are concept-produced for trend-leading dramas and movies such as Breaking Bad and The Walking Dead.

▲ Mancrates marketing banner

Operations and Marketing Analytics

Due to the nature of the product, virality and especially purchase reviews are the most important points. Accordingly, we are displaying purchase reviews on the product screen and using Trust Pilot , a purchase review app. Trust Pilot is a purchase review app that greatly helps increase purchase conversion rates by allowing you to view all reviews about a company when you search for that company on Google, as well as on the site you are running. The most active social channel is Facebook. Mancrates' Facebook page has 330,000+ likes, and they create and distribute a series of witty quotes for men. Last Valentine's Day, instead of chocolate gifts, they released a set of Beefjunkie (beef jerky) in a chocolate box.

▲ Valentine’s Day Beef Jerky Edition


▲ Mancrates Facebook Christmas Campaign

The blog content on the site is also continuously blogged by selecting topics that men may be interested in.

Currently, shipping is limited to the United States and Canada due to product weight issues. The contents of the Help Center and Return Policy pages also use interesting expressions such as “High Five Guarantee,” so if you are curious about witty English expressions that are actually used, be sure to check out the pages.
Mancrates is a site worth checking out at least once not only for CBT sellers but also for those who run domestic sales sites. I don't think there is a specialized gift-related site with such a strong concept in Korea. I always had trouble choosing an anniversary or birthday gift, but if there was a site like this, I would definitely buy it at least once. Of course, this only applies if the recipient of the gift is a man.

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