Best product trends to sell in 2020

by 300cbt Team

There are three factors for success in e-commerce: a product that is in demand, sales know-how, and effort to create success.

Even if you've already done a lot of research, continued learning, and are set up for success, if you haven't found the right product to sell yet , pay attention to products that will be trending in 2020.

In this product list, you can find trending products to spark a new business idea or discover products to add to your existing store. These products were selected based on the most ordered products from Oberlo and AliExpress.

2020 sales trend products

1.Pet bed

Our first product is a pet bed. According to Google Trending, the search volume for dog bed is strong at 234,000 per month. Cat bed is also not small with a search volume of 60,5000.

2020 sales trend products

If you run a pet store, it is a good idea to utilize visual platforms such as Pinterest or Instagram. You can use the pet group board on Pineterest to promote your pet to a wider audience, and on Instagram, you can post posts or stories as a partner on pet-related fan pages. By partnering with a fan page, you can reach a much larger audience and expose your products.

2020 Sales Friend Products

2. All-purpose sofa cover

The all-purpose sofa cover is a very popular product in households with pets or children. In addition, it is a useful product for those who operate shared space services such as AirBNB.

Not only has this product seen significant growth on Google Trends, but Statista estimates that the sofa and seating industry will be a $447.06 million market by 2020. Data from Statista predicts growth of 0.6% per year until 2023. In other words, sofa-related products can be expected to remain popular for the next few years.

2020 trend products

When marketing to customers with pets or children, broad channels like Facebook or Google are your best options. Additionally, if you're targeting AirBnB hosts, it's helpful to consider 'geographic location'. According to All TheRooms Analytics, there are 30 cities in the U.S. with the highest occupancy rates, with 23 concentrated in California, Hawaii, or Florida. This data can help you identify and target types of Facebook Custom People when marketing as an AirBnB host.

2020 sales trend products

3. Minimal jewelry

This is the product with the highest sales growth in recent years. Google Trending shows that this type of simple, minimalist jewelry is receiving a lot of searches from consumers. Although an average annual growth rate of 2% was expected until 2023, the number of jewelry industries actually decreased overall. Selling minimal jewelry can be a profitable venture for jewelry sellers because there is demand for the products but not much competition.

2020 sales trend products

The ideal platforms for marketing trending products like these necklaces are Instagram, Pinterest, and Facebook. The best way to promote your jewelry store is to create videos featuring your products. Your videos will appear more on Instagram's Search and Explore pages, giving you a better chance of showcasing your posts. In most cases where you use a lot of photos, using video can give you a more effective competitive advantage.

2020 sales trend products

4. Beard straightener

The men's grooming market is quickly turning into a profitable market, with Statista valuing it a $60.6 billion market in 2018 and expected to grow to $81.2 billion by 2024. There are many opportunities in the men's grooming industry as a whole, but one item in particular catches our attention: beard straighteners. Google Trends shows an increase in search demand for this item, reaching 37,000 per month. I can say that it is definitely a popular product.

2020 sales trend products

For marketing purposes, we recommend using targeted Google ads using keywords with high purchase intent (e.g., 'buy men's beard straightner') and SEO-focused content (e.g., 'how to straighten a beard'). .

Friends products for sale in 2020

5. Backpack

Backpacks have long been one of the top-selling products, but recently data shows they are the clear leader as one of the best-selling products online. In particular, sales of this backpack have been skyrocketing recently, and as you can see from Google Trends below, search demand increases every year and continues to surge around August. Statista projects that sales of backpacks will increase from $19.1 billion in 2020 to $22.5 billion in 2023, making them the most popular product in the coming years.

2020 sales trend products

When selling backpacks, the ideal target is backpacks for children, college students, or adults. To sell children's backpacks, it's a good idea to use Facebook or Instagram ads to target parents who will purchase them. However, one thing to consider is that advertising costs increase when competing with other "back to school" (the first day of school in the United States) marketing campaigns, so if you time the store or product launch before the start of school, you can increase sales with appropriate advertising costs. You can create an increase.

However, when selling to college students or adults, it is more effective to discover Instagram influencers or operate partnerships through Instagram advertisements. In particular, adult backpacks are trendy products year-round regardless of the season, and advertising effects can be expected through continuous sales.

2020 sales trend products

6. Massage gun

A massage gun is a portable massage device designed to relax tense muscles after exercise. Massage guns have become a clear sales trend product in 2020, with consumer interest increasing since last summer and interest steadily increasing since Christmas.

2020 sales trend products

The best way to sell and market your massage gun is through video marketing and direct advertising on places like Instagram, which is the best distribution channel. Advertising around specific Instagram hashtags or influencers may be the best way to attract customers. Sharing everything from workout tips, routine videos and what's in your gym bag is on the rise among fitness experts, exercise enthusiasts and dieters. Followers are curious about the equipment that is essential for their daily lives and workouts.

2020 sales trend products

Working directly with influencers on Instagram can also be another profitable sales channel. For example, in the fitness industry, a photo or video of someone massaging sore muscles after a workout, from running to CrossFit workouts, can generate interest or become a well-liked post. There are enough benefits to make your product a best-selling product, as long as you prepare it to lead to a purchase.

7. Carrier for infants and toddlers

One of the products that is currently trending among young parents of newborns is the baby carrier. Instead of bulky strollers, many people prefer a more compact and smaller baby carrier style as a means of transportation with their children. Google Trends shows that interest in this product is at an all-time high.

2020 sales trend products

Selling these items will also require interest in Facebook and Instagram advertising to reach parents. If you'd like to explore other sales channels, you might consider selling on Amazon or showing your products on Google Shopping. Of course, you have to take into account that you will have to pay a sales commission. As a new channel, it is worth trying to run a discount promotion online at a cafe such as Mom Cafe or create a flyer and offer a discount offline at a local birthing parents' meeting.

2020 sales trend products

These products we've looked at together are just a few of the trending products that will be selling in 2020, but there are so many to choose from. If you are thinking about which product to sell, why not start selling by referring to the sales trend products proven by various data?

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