8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

by 300cbt Team

Your product pages are a critical part of a customer's final decision whether to purchase your product or leave your store.

Most sellers tend to focus on improving their checkout page or modifying the steps customers take after adding a product to their cart, but if you don't create a product page that customers can convert to, customers will not make it to the checkout stage as you might think. It doesn't go that far.

Your product page exists to tell customers why your product is awesome, explain what it needs to meet or what problem it solves, and list the details customers need to see to make a purchasing decision. Beautiful photos of your product and well-written product descriptions are important, but creating a great product page requires much more to be clearly visible.

Let’s take a look at some ways to improve your product pages in just a short amount of time to increase sales and revenue.

1. Don’t wait for something to pique people’s interest.

Even in the world of journalism, every major story appeals by including the main content of the story in the headline. This means that you capture the readers' interest and never force them to read the entire article to find the main content.

The same applies to stores: there may be several important product details that need to be covered on the product pages, but they shouldn't make potential customers nervous or tired. If you do that, you could lose the opportunity to sell with just one click of the ‘close window x’ button. You need to quickly and clearly demonstrate what your product is and why it is valuable.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time_1

▲Skincare Nerd product page

Nerd Skincare smartly applies this principle. Provide a summary of the product, its components, and what benefits they can offer at the top of the page.

For each individual product idea, more detailed information-rich sentences and images are added at the bottom to provide evidence and explanations for the claims made at the top. However, first of all, the product’s ‘at-a-glance’ headline guides customers’ choices and actions. Never sit around waiting for your customers' attention.

2. Understand and solve customer problems.

When deciding what to include on your product pages, it's important to remember that there is an inherent relationship between a customer's motivation to buy a product and their reasons for hesitating to buy.

For example, when selling Survival Belts, we find that customers ask far more questions about functionality than aesthetic reasons. The appearance of the belt can be conveyed through high-quality photos, and the copy should demonstrate its durability and utility.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time_2

▲Survival Belts product page

Understanding your customers through customer research is important to find out how they shop.

First, you need to understand the customer's motivation for purchasing the product and the concerns they have before purchasing and sufficiently address them on the product page.

“First understand the customer’s motivation for purchasing the product and any resulting disagreements or concerns.”

Solving common problems for your customers can bring further benefits, not just for the potential increase in conversions. This is also an alternative to reducing customer complaints and actually helps reduce the number of product returns.

3. Emphasize clear sales leverage.

In your pursuit of 'optimized' product pages, you need to make sure you don't accidentally leave out the most important element: adding a shopping cart button. Buying should be easy. This means that you should not be sensitive or clash with the design and not miss the Call To Action.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time_3

▲Vermilyea Pelle product page

 Vermilyea Pelle created the page to keep things simple and clear, as there was no need to compromise on a sophisticated, minimalist design to highlight handmade bags. By placing the “Add to Cart” button at the top and using simple language, you can easily guide customers through the checkout step.

4. Supplement your photos with videos or GIFs.

One of the obvious disadvantages of online shopping is the inability to touch, feel and check the products in person. Because of this, product visuals have to do a lot of work to provide a similar, useful experience.

Product photography has long been a key element in creating e-commerce sites, but visual materials are not limited to photos.  The point is that its use is not limited to aesthetics alone. Great photos, GIFs, and video footage all help you address your customers' questions and concerns so they can be directly informed and make purchasing decisions.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time_4

▲Storq product page

Storq is a brand that sells maternity clothes, and so that customers can expect how it will feel when worn, it uses videos filmed by pregnant models wearing the clothes and writes copy to emphasize how soft and comfortable the material is.

Videos and animated photos don't have to be long or complicated. Rather than listing still images like other product pages, KeySmart uses simple animated GIFs without audio to showcase the product well.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲KeySmart product page

What details will customers consider when purchasing this product directly? What do you want to see and compare? Stores need to do this by properly using visuals to show customers what to look out for when purchasing products directly.

5. Use showcase reviews and testimonials.

Typically, the more positive results a product has, the more important it is to have customer reviews. That’s why reviews are essential to creating customer trust for almost any product.

“The majority of buyers, 95%, read reviews before purchasing, and surveys show that customers trust reviews more than descriptions provided by stores or manufacturers.

Customer reviews are a common approach, so you should look for ways to engage your customers or add them as a form of social validation that comes naturally.

Below are customer reviews that accompany every Wildebeest product page as a quality guarantee.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲Customer reviews on Wildebeest product page

 There are several applications available to help customers easily add reviews to product pages. It's a good idea to send regular emails to customers a few weeks after their purchase asking them to leave a review.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲Customer reviews on the Luxy hair product page

Customer reviews and recommendations for products really focus on potential customers, providing stories about their experiences before and after using the product. Because Luxy Hair 's products have a direct impact on our customers' appearance, we freely show our customers' transformation stories and each customer's honest product experiences to build trust. There is no clearer product description that customers can trust.

6. Clearly display social proof and endorsement.

If the product you are selling has been approved or verified by a major agency, informing store visitors of that certification or approval can be a shortcut to showing social proof. It's a good idea to include product certifications or important characteristics, such as safety or legality, on your product page to keep customers interested. 

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲Skinny B product page

Attestations or badges from official organizations may require permission or official certification for use on web pages. If you don't reference an official organization or standard (such as the USDA or FDA), you can also create your own badges that showcase important features of your product. For example, features like “Made in Canada” or “High Quality” are communicated to customers more effectively by a well-designed badge than simple text in a product description.

Primal Pit Paste uses badges to visually demonstrate key product characteristics.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲Primal Pit Paste product page

Another way to address customer concerns is to show a solid warranty. What is your return policy? What is your customer satisfaction policy? Isn't this information, which should naturally be easily provided to customers, hidden on a separate page so that no one can see it?

Clearly indicating what you can offer on your product page is critical to reducing ambiguity in purchasing.


7. Use upselling and cross-selling appropriately.

The goal of a product page is to sell. However, many stores actually lose customers by putting excessive product information or links on their product pages.

Use upsell or cross-selling appropriately to increase the average order quantity. Of course, using too many related products or banners can feel aggressive, like spam emails, so you shouldn't go too far.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲3sixteen product page upsell

Linking additional products to what customers are currently looking for allows them to compare the differences and even make the original product more attractive. 3sixteen recommends complementary products to encourage customers to purchase complete outfits.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲Slyde product page

To help customers focus on the products they're already looking at, you need to display just the right amount of additional products without being distracting. Slyde, a store that sells body surfing handboards, stocks only the most relevant product add-ons and puts its free shipping and stress-free returns promise right next to it, creating a stress-free approach for customers.

8. Don’t leave the shelves completely empty.

Just because something sells out doesn’t mean you have to lose customers forever. If one of the products you sell is temporarily out of stock, you can increase your chances of making future sales by giving buyers the option to leave their contact information to be notified when that product comes back.

Greats , a Brooklyn shoe company, sells limited-edition sneakers that often use special prints or are created in collaboration with other designers. When a particular size is out of stock, customers are prompted to 'skip the line' and then when the size is back in stock. You will receive a notification.

8 ways to tune product pages to increase purchase conversion rate regardless of time

▲Notification when out of stock on the Greats product page

Shopify themes already provide this feature by default, but it can also be customized and applied through various applications.

“Create product pages that sell.”

Product pages are the lifeblood of your store. If it is not properly delivered or structured, it can disappoint customers and waste a lot of money. Taking the extra time to create standout product pages will do wonders for your store's brand and reputation. You can also create a store that is differentiated from your competitors. The more effort you put into your product pages, the more interested customers will be in your products, company, and brand.


Sometimes the smallest or simplest changes can have an impact on your business. Start by repeating powerful ideas and new attempts. You'll see your product pages transform into a browser that converts customers better than ever before.


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