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Is export declaration cumbersome?

Currently, most e-commerce companies receive VAT refunds based on sales data such as parcel receipts and PayPal statements, but many do not report exports due to ignorance of the process or prejudice that it is cumbersome. In this case, even though it was an actual export company, it could not receive the benefits of an export company. As a result of our own investigation, there were many cases where export declaration was not made due to the reasons below.

  1. Because export declaration is cumbersome or because people around you think it is cumbersome
  2. Because I don't know the export declaration system or because there is no guide.
  3. I attempted to file an export declaration through Unipass, but gave up reporting due to unfamiliar terms.

​For these reasons, the government recently created a GoGlobal service to promote e-commerce export reporting, but we have seen many cases in which it has not been launched due to a lack of actual use cases. In this post, we will learn about the actual export reporting process through e-commerce export reporting Go Global.

Export declaration benefits

Korea has been supporting various export encouragement policies for export companies since the 1970s, and has recently been gradually increasing benefits for companies exporting through e-commerce. Currently, export companies can receive various benefits as follows.

  • Apply for VAT refund and early refund by applying zero tax rate
  • Customs duty refund (for manufacturers)
  • Government-level export incentives and low-interest loan benefits
  • Additional points are applied when applying for government export support programs such as export capacity strengthening projects and global small business development projects.
  • When a product declared for export is re-imported into Korea as a customer return, it is treated as a returned product and is not subject to customs duties.
  • Export Tower Award provided by the International Trade Association (when exporting more than $1 million per year)

Go Global and Unipass

Due to the unique nature of e-commerce companies' export reporting, which involves exporting a large variety of products and small quantities, it was difficult to use Unipass , an electronic reporting system for exporters. Accordingly, in 2016 , Korea Trade Information and Communication (KTNET) launched the Go Global site, an export reporting system for e-commerce companies. Go Global Service is an export declaration system created for e-commerce companies. In addition to export declaration, Go Global Service provides the issuance of purchase confirmations, delivery requests through system linkage with delivery companies, export performance details, and export payment settlement services.


▲ Korea Customs Service electronic customs clearance system (Unipass). A system that was not suitable for use by e-commerce companies

▲ KTNET’s export declaration service for e-commerce businesses

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​The core of Go Global service is to understand the business model of e-commerce companies and simplify the export declaration process. Now, anyone can easily declare exports.

Precautions when reporting e-commerce exports

When reporting exports through Go Global, only products subject to export reporting can be reported with a product value of 2 million won or less (FOB standard). For products worth more than 2 million won or shipments worth more than 2 million won, a formal export declaration is required through the existing Unipass.

- E-commerce simplified export declaration excluded

①Export goods pursuant to Article 226 of the Customs Act and Article 3 of [Notice on Designation of Goods and Confirmation Methods Confirmed by the Head of Customs in accordance with the provisions of Article 226 of the Customs Act]

②Goods that are re-exported because they are different from the contract details, or goods that are exported after clearing import customs conditions for re-export.

Goods declared for export must be loaded onto an aircraft (ship) within 30 days after acceptance of the export declaration, and a fine will be imposed if this is not done. This means that the actual shipment must be made within 30 days of the export declaration. Since there is no post-export declaration, the product must be shipped overseas after the declaration. The export declaration is completed only after export declaration (Go Global) + shipment fulfillment (post office, express delivery company).

Preparation for export declaration

This is what businesses must prepare for export declaration.

  • Individual or corporate business registration certificate (export declaration not possible as a simple business)
  • Public certificate (can be used if issued by a bank)
  • Apply for a customs clearance number at Unipass, register as a user (register a public certificate after registering as a member), and create a declarant code (when registering as a member)
  • Sign up for Go Global membership and enter basic information

1. Application for customs clearance code
To use the Unipass site smoothly, you must use Internet Explorer. For export declaration, you must first apply for a customs clearance code (not a personal customs clearance code for direct purchases). A customs clearance code can be issued without registering as a Unipass member and can be applied for during the user registration process.


▲ Unipass customs clearance number application screen 1


▲ Unipass customs clearance number application screen 2

​2. Sign up for Unipass membership and apply for a reporter code
If you have applied for a customs clearance number, register as a Unipass user (sign up). If this is your first time registering, you can select a company and representative.


▲ Sign up for Unipass: Select a company and representative


▲ Sign up for Unipass: Enter company information

▲ Sign up for Unipass: Select business type - trading company main use

▲ Sign up for Unipass: Check the checkbox as shown in the image

3. Sign up for Go Global membership and enter basic information
When registering as a Go Global member, register as a seller (reporter) and enter basic information (default values ​​for report). Enter the customs clearance code and declarant code created in Unipass in the default declarant value. You can enter other options according to your company’s circumstances.


▲ Enter Go Global basic information

  • Location of goods: Location of the product to be actually shipped
  • Port of Loading: Select the shipping company's loading port or airport. If shipping via EMS or K-Packet, select Incheon Airport International Postal Customs
  • Payment method code: E-commerce companies select “post or simultaneous remittance method” to be sent after payment is completed.
  • If you enter your customer number and contract approval number in EMS information management, you can request a performance report from the post office after export declaration.

Export declaration procedure

Once you have registered as a member of Go Global, you are ready to file an export declaration. Now, let’s take a closer look at the export declaration process. First, log in to Go Global and click Export Declaration> Upload Export Declaration> Download Standard Excel Form> to download the Excel file.


▲ Create an Excel file based on actual sales details.

▲ Actual input data

  • Order number: Enter the order number provided by eBay, Amazon, Shopify, etc.
  • Product Name: Enter product name
  • HS Code: Can be checked through the Korea Trade Statistics Promotion Agency’s HS item classification confirmation service (searchable in Korean)
  • HS Navigation Service

The above information is basically information provided by overseas marketplaces and can be entered without any modification.

​If you have filled out the Excel form, click the “Upload Excel” button to upload the file. Next, click on the Export Declaration > Export Declaration menu to check the uploaded details and click “Send”. The status will change to repair within 30 seconds to 5 minutes and the export declaration process through Go Global will be completed.


▲ Export declaration sent through Go Global completed, repair screen 1

▲ Export declaration sent through Go Global completed, repair screen 2

As mentioned above, the export declaration consists of export declaration + shipping (export fulfillment). After the export declaration, the actual export declaration is completed only when it is sent through an actual post office or express delivery company. For example, if you use EMS or K-Packet, you can enter the export declaration number issued by Go Global when entering data into the post office system. The post office uses this data to send information that the shipment has been processed to the Korea Customs Service.


▲ Post office export fulfillment registration Excel form menu

Issuance of export declaration certificate

Once the export declaration is completed, you can receive an export declaration certificate. To issue, log in to Unipass and click Certificate Issuance > Export Declaration Certificate.


▲ Print export declaration certificate from Unipass

FAQs on export declarations

Q: After sending the export declaration, the customer requested cancellation and would like to cancel or correct the export declaration. What should I do?

A: Items that have been exported (transmitted to customs, repaired) cannot be requested to be deleted directly from the Go Global system until Ajin. In the uploaded (export declaration registration) details, click the export declaration number of the case, click the Cancel/Correction button at the top, write the reason for cancellation, and send it. Then, submit the export declaration correction application form and the reason for export declaration cancellation request that can be printed from Go Global. You must fax the (free form) to the local customs office to complete the cancellation.

Q: What went wrong when uploading Excel to Go Global is classified as number of errors in the "Upload Export Declaration" menu. How do I delete these errors?

A: It is applied as a check item in the Go Global system to improve service, so it cannot be deleted from the current menu.

Q: Where and how can I obtain export declaration data for tax processing?

A: You can download Excel by repair period from the Go Global site > Export Status Information > Export Performance Details Inquiry.

Q: Where can I get an export performance certificate?

A: Export performance certificates usually required for government projects can be issued through the Korea International Trade Association and the Korea Trade Statistics Promotion Agency .

If you are a member of the International Trade Association (paid), you can print it out from the International Trade Association website. If you are a non-member, you can visit the Korea Trade Association in person to get it issued.

At the Korea Trade Statistics Promotion Agency, you can print after registering as a free member.

Q: How can I receive the export tower provided by the Trade Association?

A: You can apply for exports reported during the year (201 The application period will be announced on the Trade Association website'sTrade Day Awards page .

Korea Trade Information Network (KTNET), operated by Go Global, is a company 100% invested by the Korea International Trade Association, and recently provides export payments and foreign currency for exporters along with World First and KEB Hana Bank, which provide receivable account services related to overseas e-commerce. We are preparing a settlement service. Once officially launched, the benefits of utilizing funds for companies reporting exports are expected to increase further. If you are an e-commerce company targeting overseas, please make sure to file an export declaration to enjoy the benefits.

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