Examples of well-crafted product pages to inspire your store - Part 1

by 300cbt Team

When designing a store, most people focus on the homepage, which is the first thing visitors see when they arrive at the store. But the goal of every store is sales, and you can't achieve that goal without great product pages. Above all, an effective product page immediately conveys the value of an excellent product. It shows buyers what the product looks like, conveys a feeling, and creates a desire to own the product.

In this post, there are a lot of different features and options you can choose from when creating a product page, but I'm going to show you some of my favorites in two parts, with the store page providing a great example. Why not refer to it and apply it when designing your next product page?

1.Luxy Hair


▲ Lux hair

As a store that sells human hair extensions, you would expect most of its customers to be female. The site greets visitors with a feminine touch, complete with a heart emoji, in the browser's tab bar. To help guide you to the product that best suits you from our wide range of products, you will first select your hair thickness, then your color, and then be directed to the specific product page that matches your desired option.


▲ Lux hair categorization


▲ Lux Hair product page

In addition to accurate product images, we provide videos for more detailed explanations. The product page provides instructions on how to use the product, as well as shipping costs and returns. If the shipping fee is too high when checking out a shopping cart, most shoppers will empty their shopping carts.

Additionally, Luxy's customer support team is available 24 hours a day via chat to contact you if you have any issues or questions about your purchase, so buyers can resolve any questions and confirm their purchase.

2. PooPourri


▲ Potpourri product page

This case is a bathroom air freshener that has received rave reviews for its playful copy on the product page. This is a very effective way to make your product effective and memorable.
“Spray 3-5 times very lightly over the toilet water. Continue *snapping fingers*.” (For those of you who haven't heard of this product, it's a deodorizing spray that can be used to trap odors under the toilet before using it.)
This product page effectively sells to visitors that they can save by purchasing on a recurring basis by giving them the option to purchase every 1, 2, or 3 months. “How it works” videos also clearly show how simple it is to use.


Potpourri product video

3. Rocky Mountain Soap Company


▲ Rocky Mountain Soap Company product page

This natural soap company seems to know that people viewing their product pages want to feel confident that they are purchasing a high-quality, healthy product. This product is 100% organic, and the product description includes a list of ingredients. In the product menu, you can see the full list of ingredients in the product. Of particular note on this product page are the testimonials. The headline of one review of this particular pumpkin soap below reads "MMMM MM MOISTURE." This review can make a strong impression on people who are considering purchasing this product.


▲ Review of Rocky Mountain Soap Company

It seems like Rocky Mountain Soap Company understands the power of customer reviews. Nearly a quarter of respondents to a Bizrate Insights survey said they always consult customer reviews when shopping online, and 40% said they consult customer reviews often. As evidenced by the reviews right below the product, five-star ratings from customers who purchased the product show clear product reviews. This is a sure-fire way to reduce buyer anxiety about buying online without being able to see the product in person.

4. United By Blue


▲ United by Blue product page

This is a store we introduced once in the SNS marketing section. United By Blue, one of the most eco-friendly online stores, is running a mission to reduce trash in the world's oceans. With the tagline “1 pound of every United by Blue order goes to waste in the oceans,” you’ll see repeatedly that visitors’ purchases help us reach our goal. Is there anyone who doesn't like cleaning up the Earth?

▲ United by Blue size chart

Especially for fashion products, it is not only essential to provide detailed size charts to help customers choose the right product during the purchasing stage, but it can also help reduce returns.
▲ United by Blue products
The clean design of each product page showcases product details, customer reviews, and similar product information. We also made it possible to use the product preview to check the option color wearing image.



▲ SixtyNine Categorizing

You can see why this store has such an engaging product page just by looking at it. Unlike many other e-commerce product pages, the animated characters on the homepage bring the store's personality and products to life in a very new way.

When you click on a specific product, the animation changes to a regular photo and displays a clean product page with a white background. There is a link to the size chart so you can select the size you want, and if you want to purchase in CAD (Canadian dollars), you can also go to the Canadian store.


▲ Sixty Nine product page

This website has won an e-commerce design award, and its clean design pages eliminate distractions from the buying experience and provide a clear path to purchase.

6. Leesa


▲ Lisa product page

Lisa is a foldable mattress company that offers a seamless delivery experience. Their branding is cheerful and clean with a palette of white, teal and gray tones. With so many similar mattress companies popping up, Lisa focuses its product pages on highlighting why you should choose their product over another company.


▲ Lisa product page

They also use this opportunity to share their policy of donating one mattress for every ten sold, providing a sense of accomplishment and encouraging potential customers to choose Lisa.


▲ Lisa product review

Mattresses are expensive shopping items. So the more visitors who are hesitant about making a purchase scroll, the more information you need to show them. You can see how the inner workings of the mattress are made in a unique way, and product reviews let you know how many other people have been satisfied with the product. We've also created FAQs for key questions so you can answer any questions you may have about the product without leaving the product page.

7. Manitobah Mukluks


▲ Manitoba Moocrux product page

Similar to mattresses, Manitoba Moocrux is a more expensive product than others when it comes to driving purchase decisions. If we want to buy a product that costs less than $20, the chances of us buying it easily are quite high. However, as the price range rises, a kind of 'guilt'-like price resistance is felt when making a purchase decision, which is by no means a positive emotion for visitors to make a purchase.

This product page alleviates the most common purchasing anxiety by having “Free Shipping” and “Free Returns” written in big, bold letters right next to the “Add to Cart” button. This lets people know that they can refund their purchase at any time and that the price they see is the final price they paid.

Additionally, for people like Leesa who are hesitant about purchasing, we created a page that gives them trust by delivering sufficient information about the company without leaving the product page.


▲ Manitoba Moocrux product page

And people who look at this page can see that the company is Indigenous-owned, and they can also see a story about the artist who designed the sole. Personally, I think it would be nice to see another “Add to Cart” button at the end of this page. That way, when people read down the description, they won't have to scroll back up once they're convinced.


▲ Manitoba Moocrux product page


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