Examples of well-crafted product pages that will inspire your store - Part 2

by 300cbt Team

Continuing from the previous article, we continue with part 2 of ‘Examples of well-made product pages that will inspire your store’.

8. Perfect Keto

▲ Perfect Keto product page

Along with intermittent fasting, which is popular these days, the ketogenic diet is emerging as a good diet alternative for health overseas. Perfect Keto is a ketogenic health supplement brand that helps people achieve a healthy diet.

This product page is relatively simple, but I like it that much more. High conversion rates by showing not only clean, great product photos, but also a ‘Supscription and Save’ option that gives people a perspective on why they should use the product and encourages them to save money per product (although this will increase their total spend). The product page meets all my expectations.

This product page also uses a "Related Products" section to help people find similar products that might be a better match, even if they don't buy the product they're looking at. Or, you can follow Perfect Keto's wishes and add all of those products to your shopping cart.

9. Johnny Cupcakes


▲ Johnny Cupcakes t-shirt product page

All products associated with sweets give people a good feeling. Johnny Cupcakes is a playful brand, calling itself "the world's first t-shirt bakery" and touting its new products as "freshly baked." I think it's a fresh, very fun and effective approach.

The brand makes good use of product photography with high-quality images to show off the clothes and fun designs. Another very interesting point is the animation that appears every time the page is changed. The sight of a chubby young man chasing an incomprehensible cupcake makes you laugh. (He is also my favorite character.) Just to see this loading animation is this store. Wouldn’t customers have no choice but to stay for a long time?

featured_johnnycupcakes ▲ Johonny cupcakes product page

Plus, when you click the 'BUY NOW' button, a shopping cart will appear on the right side of your screen letting you know that you can check out at any time. Rather than reminding you that you haven't completed your payment yet, you're clearly telling them how to pay. This effectively turns your product page into a checkout page, speeding up the purchasing process.

▲ Jonny Cupcakes’ payment process screen

10.WP Standard

▲ WP Standard product page

This brand is a site that captures the beauty of its outstanding design very well in its product images. Striking product photos not only convey the image of the product, but also the time and place, so you can imagine how the product will look and appear in your daily life once you purchase it.

What's unique about this product page is that you are given the option to monogram your initials on the bag. I don't think I would hesitate to spend a reasonable amount to own such a luxurious and customized bag.

11. Master & Dynamic

▲ Master & Dynamic product image

When you first encounter the store, the Master & Dynamic website exudes a bold, elegant, and luxurious feel. The close-up shot image that emphasizes the details of the headphones expresses the high-quality product image very well. I haven't tried it yet, but it makes me very curious about how it sounds.


▲ Master & Dynamic product detail page

Master & Dynamic’s product page is like an experience itself. It's organized so that, as you scroll, you can see more about the detailed design of the headphones, their components, advanced features, and how to control the headphones.

That doesn't mean we're completely prioritizing design over conversions. The “add to bag” sign floating at the top of the page is discreet and doesn’t particularly attract attention, but it remains fixed at the top of the screen and continues to silently follow customers around. It helps customers continue their product browsing experience without having to scroll back up if they want to make a purchase. Of course, it seems like a good idea to be able to use the color conversion option next to 'add to bag' before putting it in.

12. Primal Pit Paste


▲ Primal Pit Paste product page

Personal hygiene products may not be sexy products. Therefore, for products that are associated with dirtiness, such as oral hygiene products or feminine hygiene products, the product package or page design is made clean and fresh. The brads and products were given a cheerful look on an all-white background with a bright and fresh touch of color.

Primal Fit Fest does a great job of highlighting customer reviews by placing ratings above the price and a review button on the left side of the page. In addition, under the “ADD TO CART” button, we once again remind you of the good ingredients and quality (such as natural, organic, nature-friendly, and anti-animal testing), so that you do not hesitate to purchase.


▲ Description of product ingredients and instructions for use of Primal Pit Paste

As you scroll down the page, we'll detail specific product ingredients and even less common product uses. It is designed to provide easy guidance using images and simple, fun graphics, and the cart button at the bottom right makes it easy to move to payment at any time.

13. Love Hair


▲ Love Hair product page

Love Hair is a brand that focuses on cleanly designed product pages that match its flagship clean products. The subtle combination of white background, gray text, and softly shaded colors makes the product image stand out. And instead of just showing still photos of the product, we used video content of the product.
▲ Video content about the benefits and usage of Love Hair products

Below the video, Love Hair provides customers with an opportunity to tell customers more about the product and the benefits they can obtain from the product, as well as any inconveniences or questions they may have while using the product. For customers who need more reasons to purchase, the explanation of “Why I Love Hair Coconut Oil” sufficiently demonstrates Love Hair’s quality ingredients and product loyalty.

14. Pilgrim

▲ Pilgrim product page white screen

Pilgrim presented the aromatherapy product page dynamically, with the product page flashing from white to black as if it were being brought into the home.

▲ Pilgrim product page black screen

Besides the flash effect on the site, the page design is elegant and clean. The page layout provides ample reasons to buy, including 30-day returns, free shipping, a 1-year warranty, and a 5-star review rating.

But if you scroll down, a more powerful product search experience awaits you. We guide customers to enjoy various contents more in the form of videos along with graphics that highlight the product's features, benefits, and materials.

▲ Pilgrim product detail page


▲ Holstee product page

As you can see from the product page, Holstee is a fun and witty website. The page is designed to draw customers' attention with products, an "Add to Cart" button, and highlighted keywords, and even promotes discounted prices when customers sign up.

Holstee is a very visual brand, showing more images, videos and options as you scroll.
▲ Various content on the Holstee product page

It shows more detailed descriptions, specifications, customer reviews, shipping and returns, and even brand ethics (basically stating the brand's mission of excellent design and quality). Again, you can make a purchasing decision right away without having to scroll to the top to find the purchase button, so you can just go to the section directly above. If you look at Holstee's visually well-designed product page, you will be fascinated by the product design.

In Part 2, we looked at pages that convey not only the store's clear branding and product personality but also information well.

How do you feel? When you look at the product pages of these stores, don't you just get ideas for store product page design?


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