What is SEO Marketing?

by 300cbt Team

After doing eCommerce-related education and consulting for a long time, one of the most frequently asked questions is SEO. Today, I will summarize SEO, which is a word that appears too often, but somehow feels difficult to become familiar with.

SEO is short for Search Engine Optimization, and there is actually nothing mysterious about it. SEO is a measurable and repeatable process, used to send search engines which pages are worthy of appearing in Google's index.

Basically, Google uses complex mathematical formulas called algorithms to assign a score to every website and every searcher to figure out which websites are best for what people are looking for.

Think of an algorithm like a set of empty boxes. One box gives you a score on the quality of the site, one box gives you a score on how many sites link to you, and another box gives you a score on how people trust you. SEO work fills the boxes of the algorithm more than any other website.

This is reflected in search engine rankings by scoring highest in terms of site quality, website authority, and being the most trusted store for searches people are looking for.

The good thing here is that there are hundreds of chests out there. And for all these boxes, these scores are combined by an algorithm to rank you and give you the opportunity to rank higher. In other words, optimizing your site for search results means scoring top marks in as many boxes as possible. Some boxes are more valuable than others, but the three main boxes you need to know about your search rankings are: ', 'trust', and 'authority'.

First of all, quality is what Google is trying to measure when trying to figure out which sites to rank is offering something valuable, unique, and interesting to Google searchers. This means things like good content, for example. For example, if you're selling t-shirts, if you use the same description that every other t-shirt seller uses on your website, you're not providing anything unique to Google searchers.


Is SEO difficult?

Even though your t-shirt may look pretty cool, the content is the same as everyone else's. So Google has no way to tell that your t-shirt is better than another seller's t-shirt. So make sure you provide people with differentiated and interesting content.

For example, give customers the ability to personalize t-shirts. The goal is to provide customers with information they may be personally curious about. Information on how to wash, how the material or thread is made, whether stains are easily removed, what season it is suitable for wearing, and how comfortable it is to wear.

Inform people and make them more creative. You could have people share photos of themselves wearing your t-shirt or create a community of people interested in your product. Dressing a celebrity and sharing the photos online is also very effective. Whatever it is, do something different from other sellers and create something unique. You need to show Google that your search results are different and better than others.

Trust is another important box you need to know when trying to get your site listed on Google. Google doesn't try to show searchers just any website, it tries to show searchers only the websites that are the best results. The algorithm is designed to show only trustworthy sites. (This is also why domestic websites that are not SSL certified are not even exposed in Google search results or Google Shopping.) One of the things Google likes is, This penalizes sites, stores, or companies that consistently receive bad reviews. So, if the store you run gets a lot of negative reviews, Google doesn't want to show those sites to their searchers, so they don't show that site in the search rankings. So you have to prove that you can be trusted through Google's algorithm. We ensure that you are connected to secure, authoritative websites. Linking to trusted websites through newspaper articles, industry links, or other trusted sites (partners, suppliers, satisfied customers, etc.) confirms that you are a trustworthy site.

And finally, the most important box is authority. Google wants to favor and display popular sites. For example, if you're looking to buy a t-shirt online, you'll be shown the most popular t-shirt sellers first in your search results. Google selects and displays preferred sites. So we have to convince Google to select our site. We need to send a signal to Google that our site is the most popular site for t-shirts for sale. To do this, create a fan base and fill this box. The goal is to create and utilize a fan base that prefers the t-shirts you sell. Build a social network, get people to link, and get people to share your t-shirt page on their social networks saying 'I want this!' And get people to post and show photos of themselves using this product. Then we build a fan base and get them talking about our site and our products. This is the most effective way to prove to Google that your site is trustworthy and authoritative.

If you think about it, SEO is just the process of proving to search engines that your site is the best, the most authoritative, the most trustworthy, and the most unique and interesting site you can offer to your customers. The more you get people talking about your site, producing quality content, and getting people linking to your site, the more confident Google will be that your site is the best it can provide to searchers. You will start to rank them towards the top.


I've tried to explain SEO in a simple and clear way. SEO, which has been a concern for so long, is not a big deal. Is it easier to access now? I hope you took this opportunity to get a little closer to SEO.

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