[Byline Network] Fact check on Shopify’s expansion into Korea

by 300cbt Team

Article from June 26, 2019

Will Shopify really enter the Korean market? The reason I wrote an article last week titled ‘Shopify’s imminent entry into Korea, a cross-border e-commerce target’ and then wrote another article with the same content was because I judged that reconfirmation was necessary to improve the reliability of the information.

I did not hear from an official at Shopify headquarters that “Shopify is forming a team with the intention of establishing a Korean corporation” mentioned in the article the reporter first wrote. I heard about it through a Shopify partner. The partner company does not act as an official distributor or agency for Shopify's entry into Korea. This is a company that participated in the ‘Shopify Partner Program’.

According to officials from multiple Shopify partner companies, there is no entry barrier to becoming a Shopify partner. Shopify operates a separate 'Plus Partner' category with entry barriers, and an official explains that to become a Plus Partner, a certain level of development capability needs to be proven.

The information that there is a company hiring people under the name 'Shopify' in Korea is highly likely to be true. This is because the reporter found someone who had direct contact with the headhunter. However, questions remain as to whether this company that is recruiting people under the name of Shopify is really Shopify. Although it is true that a corporation is being created, there is a rumor going around that the entity creating the corporation is Shopify's partner company, not Shopify's headquarters.

So, I met with an official at Shopify headquarters and talked to them, and I forwarded questions about their plans for entering Korea to the Shopify headquarters PR channel and received answers. Here, more details were added through additional coverage. If there is a misunderstanding, it is also right to resolve it. Will Shopify really enter Korea? Let’s check them one by one.

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