[Review] 2019 October Shopify Meetup Seoul Review Sketch

by 300cbt Team

The Shopify Meetup is an event that introduces Shopify, an e-commerce platform for overseas e-commerce sellers and startups preparing to expand overseas, and shares overseas sales information, including success stories and overseas e-commerce know-how.

This meetup, which was held at the MARU180 event hall on October 30, included Shopify partner Sambaek CBT, global delivery company UPS Korea, Korea's first post office international delivery app developer On Shipping, global fintech company World First, and global payment. The company Payment Wall participated and shared related know-how and insights on overseas e-commerce.

CBT sellers and corporate officials


1:30 PM — 2:00 PM Registration and Networking

2:00 PM — 2:40 PM E-commerce platform Shopify (Sambaek CBT CEO Jae-ik Lee)

2:40 PM — 3:00 PM Efficient receipt of overseas sales proceeds (World First General Manager Choi Hyeong-ryeol)

3:00 PM — 3:20 PM Cross Border Payment | Understanding Global Consumers (Payment Wall Manager Hyunjung Kim)

3:20 PM — 3:40 PM break time

3:40 PM — 4:00 PM Delivery sharing economy platform for e-commerce (On Shipping CEO Jong-jin Lee)

4:00 PM — 4:20 PM UPS Pulse of the online Shopper 2019 (UPS Korea Assistant Manager Jeonghwan Jeong)

4:20 PM — 5:00 PM Q/A Session and Networking

UPS manager Jeonghwan Jeong and the UPS Korea team participated as speakers.

As it was a Shopify meetup, 300cbt CEO Lee Jae-ik started the Shopify session first, followed by lectures by World firstdml general manager Choi Hyeong-ryeol, Paymentwall manager Kim Hyun-jung, On-shipping CEO Lee Jong-jin, and UPS Deputy Manager Jeong Jin-hwan.

Shopify Meetup Review 300cbt CEO Jaeik Lee conducting the first Shopify Meetup Seoul session

Shopify Meetup Seoul Review Choi Hyeong-ryeol, General Manager of World First Korea, giving a lecture

Shopify Meetup Seoul Review Attendees listening to a meetup session

Shopify Meetup Seoul Review Payment Wall Manager Hyunjung Kim’s session

Shopify Meetup Seoul Review On Shipping CEO Lee Jong-jin and 300cbt CEO Lee Jae-ik

Various consultations were also actively conducted at each company's booth at the entrance.

Shopify Meetup Seoul Review 300cbt CEO Jaeik Lee consulting with Shopify

Shopify Meetup Seoul Review Lecture by UPS Korea Manager Jeonghwan Jeong

With so much interest and support, the atmosphere on site was much warmer than any other e-commerce conference. Many overseas companies The meetup event was able to conclude successfully thanks to great enthusiasm and interest.

Shopify, an e-commerce multi-channel platform chosen by 10 million merchants in 172 countries around the world, was a place where you could feel the popularity of great interest and attention from domestic companies.

Shopify Meetup Seoul Review Q&A time after the lecture

We will prepare more diverse topics for the next meetup. Thank you to everyone who participated for your hard work.

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