[Review] 2019 April Shopify Meetup Seoul Sketch

by 300cbt Team

2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul Review

Thank you again to everyone who attended the 2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul held with our partner Worldfirst at the N90 Center lecture hall on April 29th. For those of you who couldn't be there due to time constraints, I'd like to share a review of that hot scene.

2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul

2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul Lecture Hall

From the entrance to the event venue, a familiar 300cbt sign shows that there is an event today. Although it was in the afternoon, we also prepared drinks and refreshments for those who took the time to attend to recharge their energy.

2019' Shopify Meetup Seoul

April 2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul

300cbt held a Shopify local meetup in 2018. This 2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul is an official meetup conducted through Shopify, and was also announced through Shopify merchants and the official meetup channel.

Source: https://ti.to/shopify-meetups/

The formal session started at 2 p.m. and proceeded as follows.

• PM 1:30~1:50 Meetup Open & Networking

• PM 2:00~3:00 Global e-commerce platform Shopify – 300cbt CEO Lee Jae-ik

E-commerce platform comparison

Introduction to Shopify features

Shopify Marketing, Apps

case study

300cbt service introduction

Shopify related Q/A

• PM 3:00~3:30 Effective social marketing plan - The SMC CEO Kim Yong-tae

• PM 3:30~4:00 Increasing the convenience of overseas fund management with World Account - World First General Manager Choi Hyeong-ryeol

• PM 4:00~4:30 Q/A session

• PM 4:30~6:00 Closing & Networking

First, 300cbt CEO Lee Jae-ik gave a lecture on the global e-commerce platform Shopify. There are various other platforms besides Shopify, but the lecture began with a comparative explanation of Shopify's features and differentiated advantages. And once you've chosen your platform, you'll be guided through the features on how to implement them.

Lastly, the most important marketing in global e-commerce - various marketing using Shopify was introduced and how to use it, along with specific examples.

In addition, based on 300cbt's 10 years of overseas e-commerce experience, it was a time to provide practical information such as marketing linkage and operational know-how based on the experience gained while building overseas shopping malls and providing educational services.

2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul

Announcement by 300cbt CEO Jaeik Lee

2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul

300cbt CEO Lee Jae-ik’s lecture

From 300cbt's unique Shopify operating know-how that allows convenient and easy use of all the functions required to build and operate an online shopping mall, including site opening, payment solutions, and web page design functions, sales expansion through various channels, and impact through content from Google to social media. It was a time where I was able to learn about marketing methods.

Afterwards, in a marketing lecture by Kim Yong-tae, CEO of The SMC, which is a company that produces new media content and won the Korea Online Advertising Award last year, you can also hear about how to reach global customers more effectively by using content as an effective social marketing method. The time was spent well.

2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul

Lecture by CEO Yongtae Kim of The SMC

The final speaker was Choi Hyeong-ryeol, general manager of Worldfirst, an international payment company with a cumulative transaction volume of KRW 100 trillion, who talked about how to quickly and reliably receive sales payments from overseas online marketplaces, 15 years of trust that passed the strict certification of the UK's Financial Conduct Authority (FCA), and a cumulative transaction volume of KRW 100 trillion. We provided guidance on how to improve the convenience of managing overseas funds through the World First Account. Even if you do not have an overseas corporation, please refer to the link below to open a World First account where you can easily manage funds sold overseas using a single World Account.


2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul

Worldfirst Choi Hyeong-ryeol general lecture

And there was a QnA session after every lecture. Many attendees responded with in-depth questions and answers not only about the lecture, but also about various questions ranging from global e-commerce operations to marketing. The QnA lasted over an hour, so there wasn't enough time, but even after the official session was over, people who had personal inquiries were consulted one by one.

As this was the first meetup held this year, it was a meaningful opportunity to experience how much awareness and interest in Shopify has increased in the domestic market.

With the successful completion of the 2019 Shopify Meetup Seoul, 300cbt is regularly operating not only the Shopify construction service, but also the Shopify Master Course, an educational service. 300cbt will do its best until more and more domestic merchants become a leader in global e-commerce more efficiently and powerfully through Shopify.

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