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A global store without a sign?

Are you selling on eBay but don't have an image registered on your user page? If so, it's probably because there's no logo. No logo means no expertise in the product being sold (no branding), and no expertise means a low purchase conversion rate. In this form, repeat purchases, which are essential for e-commerce success, cannot occur.

If you look at the store pages of Korean sellers selling on eBay, there are many cases where the logo image is still not registered even though it has been several years since the sales ID was created. What these stores have in common is that they often only sell products that Korean sellers have sold a lot of, or are known to have sold. From the buyer’s point of view, it is inevitable that professionalism will appear to be lacking. For example, if a store sells Korean cosmetics, compression wear (sportswear that sticks to the body), gloves, watches, K-POP goods, and Korean character products... would it look professional? Oh. Red ginseng is missing.

This can be seen not only on eBay but also on other marketplaces such as Qoo10. If you have been selling overseas for more than 6 months, it is time to decide on your sales category. Of course, you need to find a niche market and develop expertise through market segmentation. What is needed at this time is branding, and branding starts with a logo, of course.

shopify free logo tool hatchful-1 ▲ ID and user page that are not branded. The ID is like a password.

shopify free logo tool hatchful-2
▲ Amazon sales ID without branding. Among game-related product sellers, Games4 Life is the only one that seems relevant.

E-commerce store logo

The basics of a web page are text and images. Anyone can write text, but images are a field that requires a designer's skills and sensitivity. The results will vary depending on your level of proficiency in Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. It would be good to have a designer, but due to the nature of overseas sales marketplace sales, it is unlikely that there will be full-time design work, so it is difficult to hire one. This is a process that many SOHO entrepreneurs go through.

Recently, we are receiving many requests to create logos through talent markets such as Fever or Kmong in Korea. You may not be very satisfied with the results. However, you don't need to run to the bookstore and buy a thick book of illustrations to create a logo.

Simple is Better

The key to the logo is simplicity. Since most people reading this post are targeting overseas markets, it is recommended to avoid the Korean-style logo style that uses a lot of illustrations. If you do not have an in-house designer, we recommend creating your own logo using only text.
We see countless logos every day through advertisements and products, but when you try to create a logo for your own company or brand, you may find that it is not as easy as you think. The easiest and quickest way to do this is to choose a logo that consists only of text and color.

shopify free logo toll hatchful-5shopify free logo toll hatchful-3
shopify free logo toll hatchful-6
▲ Logo in text format

Tips for creating a simple logo

  • Select a suitable font through benchmarking
  • Decide on the color to use (colors are uniformly used in shopping mall design, marketplace stores, etc.)
  • Determine the transformation form according to the 1:1, 1:X (horizontal) ratio

If you are creating a logo with only text, you can easily create it using Photoshop, but if this is your first time creating a logo, you can get help creating a logo by creating the color, feel, and layout using Hatchful's template.

Free logo creation tool Hatchful

Hatchful is a free logo creation tool provided by the e-commerce platform Shopify, allowing anyone to easily create a simple logo. Once you create a logo in Hatchful, you can create logos for use on social channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Twitter based on that logo.

shopify free logo toll hatchful
▲ Hatchful Banner. You can start creating your logo by clicking GET STARTED.

1. Click GET STARTED to select the business category you belong to and click NEXT. (Most frequently used templates are selected for each category.)

shopify free logo toll hatchful

2. Choose a logo design style.

shopify free logo toll hatchful

3. Type your business name or brand name. The slogan is an option and only applies to templates that contain the slogan when entered.

shopify free logo toll hatchful

4. Select where you want to use the logo. You can download all assets by simply selecting the Online store or website.

shopify free logo toll hatchful

5. Select one of the created designs. You can select and edit the color and icon used.

shopify free logo toll hatchful

6. Modify the font, color, and icon of the selected design to suit your brand.

shopify free logo toll hatchful

7. Check the created logo and click DOWNLOAD LOGO to create an account. (A download link will be sent to the email address you entered in your account.)

shopify free logo toll hatchful
8. With the account you have created, you can modify the existing logo at any time and create additional logos.

shopify free logo toll hatchful

9. Logo file downloaded by clicking the link in the email

shopify free logo toll hatchful

Because social channel images are created based on the created logo, using a different image, such as a product banner, for the Facebook cover can avoid design boredom, and since the favicon required when building a shopping mall is not visible at a glance, it is better to create it in a simpler way. great.

Now you can use the logo you created on the eBay user page, Qoo10 store page, etc. If you create a slogan or tagline in addition to the logo, you can create a more professional store. Next, you can use the logo to create a business card (business card) and use it on the Thanks Card or Flyer included when shipping the product.

Branding starts with a logo. Try making it right now.

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