Does your store inspire trust in your customers? Store Reliability Checklist

by 300cbt Team

Trust is the foundation of every successful sale. Today's customers have countless options available at the click of a mouse, and sellers can keep track of their history. But the most important metric, reliability, is difficult to fully understand.

How is trust established when a customer purchases a new product online or from an unfamiliar store?

1. First impression through the website

Circumstances requested by customers

Is this site safe? Is it easy to find the product I want or navigate the site?

▶ Business goal: Set the main page shown upon first visit to match the overall feel of the store.

Regardless of a customer's purchase history or the product they are looking for, the design and layout of your store has a huge impact on first impressions and trust. The main page acts as a signboard for your store, so it is an essential location for building customer trust and should focus on creating a compelling first impression. A good first impression creates an opportunity for customers to take the next step.

Our research shows that there are certain factors that customers look for when evaluating a site: Only when the essential elements are met can the subsequent details be adjusted. With this, you will be able to divide it into two areas and know what to prioritize.

essential elements

- High-quality photos and consistent, polished content throughout the site

- Clean layout

- Easy-to-use navigation on all devices

Recommended elements

- Category name that is easy to understand what it means

- In the case of international sales, prices are listed in the local currency and content is written in the buyer's language.

- Fast page loading without errors

Example: How the Hat Club's homepage eases anxiety

Take Hat Club , a company that sells a mix of branded and licensed hats. One of the store's competitive advantages is Hat Club Membership, a loyalty program that allows customers to receive hats at a discounted price. To build trust with your customers and encourage repeat purchases, you need to present your loyalty program as a value-added perk that encourages each visitor to go beyond the main page and delve deeper into your site.

▲Hat Club’s main page image

What are the benefits of Hat Club site design?

- A clean layout and simple navigation allow customers to easily navigate the site and make a purchase.

- A corner called ‘Special Products of the Week’ is placed to display unique products.

2. Providing essential information to customers

Customers are asking for: Will this product solve my problem, is it well made, is it the right size or measurement, is the price fair and can I afford it?

▶ Business Goal: Make product information easily discoverable through detailed product pages, accurate search results, and collection pages.

The product pages are typically where new customers go away from the homepage. The product page is where customers evaluate the value of the product , no matter which store they visit.

The right layout and design elements on your product pages make it easy for customers to see if each product delivers the value they want. Images, descriptions, size charts, availability and inventory details, and information about shipping costs and taxes can grab your customers' attention.

There is no single way to design the perfect product page, but it shows that there are basic details that must be considered to increase credibility.

essential elements

- Various product photos for each product page

- Product description organized into individual sections for readability

- If there is a change in product size, add a size table to the product page as needed.

- Recent reviews of the product

Recommended elements

- Insert return information and shipping information

- Insert product video

- Desktop page: 'quick view' option on collection page that allows customers to view products without opening the product page

Example: EM Cosmetics lets a picture speak a thousand words.

EM Cosmetic is a makeup brand that stimulates self-expression through its products. Because beauty products can impact a customer's appearance and identity, it's important to allow customers to imagine the results of using each product.

To build trust with customers, EM Cosmetic needs to clearly explain how its products meet each customer's needs through detailed testimonials as well as product photos. Therefore, we emphasize the review section as a supplement to the product's visuals through detailed product descriptions and animations.

▲EM Cosmetic product page image

What are the benefits of EM Cosmetic product pages?

- Clear layout and product description, use concise sections and subheadings

- Customers can easily know the capacity of the product

- Number of product reviews and rating clearly displayed at the top

- If a product is out of stock, you can register the option to subscribe to email notifications that will send you an email when stock is added.

3. Share your story and why you started your business

What customers ask: Is it an honest business, and is it treating customers fairly?

▶ Business goals:  Help us feel confident that this is a legitimate business. If you have a mission or values, share your brand story and why you started the business.

Customers will visit the About Us page to learn more about the brand and seller behind the product. We need to provide answers on that page that satisfy the two curiosities our customers have.

First, the interest of a brand's About us page is when someone wonders whether the store is real. Customers want their business to last for the long term and not have their site suddenly close. This is where Contact pages become useful. Phone number, email, offline store location, etc. can put customers at ease.

Second, many customers are interested in whether the business shares its mission, purpose, or values ​​(e.g., sustainability). They'll learn more about who they buy from and how they operate for socially conscious customers through their About Us page.

essential elements

- About Us page

- Contact page

- Insert contact information into the Contact page

- Insert detailed brand story on About Us page

Recommended elements

- A professional email related to your site's domain (e.g. rather than

- Online chat option on Contact Support page

- Insert offline store location into Contact page, if applicable

Example: Tease shares principles and connects with customers.

Tease is a brand specializing in sustainably sourced loose leaf tea. But for Tease, like many conventional brands, selling is more important. The brand's purpose and principles—including an unwavering commitment to sustainably sourcing products and empowering women through the Charitea Program—are unique to the company, as is its rich catalog of teas. It's a story worth telling, and it's masterfully shared on our About us page.

▲Image from Tease’s About us page

What are the benefits of the About us page on the Tease site?

- Place value-driven brand messages front and center

- It is structured in detail so that customers can learn about our mission and values.

- Clearly explain the founding story and who the founders are.

4. Show current customer satisfaction

What customers ask: Do other customers think the product matches the product description, and does the seller treat customers fairly?

▶ Business goals:  Provide the social proof customers are looking for for your brand and products.

Customers greatly value the peace of mind they get from impartial customer and store reviews. Naturally, we pay attention to what our previous customers say.

When considering a purchase from a new site, customers want reviews on product pages, external sites, marketplaces, and social media before completing the transaction. Especially look for warnings from previous customers or feedback that contradicts the product's information. For example, in social media, customers can determine whether the ratio of followers and likes on Instagram is truthful.

Sellers must be aware that community opinions are a deciding factor in purchasing a product.

essential elements

- Positive product reviews with an average of over 70%

- Post product reviews on positive social media (e.g. Instagram, YouTube, etc.)

- Product review window with customer ratings and descriptions

- Follow social media such as Instagram and Facebook

- Exposure of positive site reviews on external sites (e.g. Google, Facebook, Yelp, Trust Pilot, Amazon, eBay, etc.)

Recommended elements

- Product reviews with photos

- Product reviews with videos

- Insert a direct link to the product page on social media

Example: EM Cosmetics allays customer curiosity with reviews.

EM Cosmetic increases product credibility in product reviews, especially by encouraging customers to attach photos and other details. Transparency from reviewers may expose you to critiques and critiques, but it also instills trust in future customers and allows them to find reviews that help them say 'like me'.

▲EM Cosmetic review page

What are the benefits of EM Cosmetic product reviews?

- The ratings, reviews section clearly summarizes the product with five stars and recommends it 100%.

- Customer reviews with photos

- Customer reviews with detailed descriptions

5. Make sure transactions are transparent and easy

What customers ask: How much is shipping and taxes, how long does it take to ship, are the payment options friendly, secure and working?

▶ Business goals:  Take the risk off your customers when paying total and shipping costs.

“Price is what you pay and value is what you get.” High-quality photos and attractive copy help communicate the value of your product, but buyers want to know the total price, including all discounts and fees , as soon as possible when making a purchase.

Pricing is very simple, but how much a product costs and how a customer feels about its value is subjective. In other words, adding context to pricing and reducing unnecessary surprises is a way to build trust.

essential elements

- Clean and easy-to-understand refund policy

- In the case of international shipping, a shipping policy that clearly states customs duties and taxes

Recommended elements

- List normal shipping costs

- Apply discount code to shopping cart

- Ability for customers to edit the contents of their shopping cart

- Familiar payment methods (PayPal, Shop Pay, etc.)

- Delivery status tracking selection function

- Rewards and discounts on future sales shown on order confirmation page

- Easy access to the contact page if you need to modify your order

- Language or currency selector for international sales

Example: LL Bean builds trust with customers through transparency in transactions.

LL Bean, an outdoor clothing retailer known for its generous returns policy, has traditionally gone to great lengths to ensure customer satisfaction. For brands whose mission and values ​​are based on loyalty and satisfaction, it's important to give them all the information about your transaction up front - both on the product page and during checkout - so there are no surprises when ordering.

▲LL Bean’s product page

What are the benefits of LL Bean product pages?

- Taxes for overseas shipping are clearly indicated

- Provides the ability to find detailed information such as free shipping policy, expected delivery schedule, and return policy.

- Highlight your trusted and friendly payment provider (PayPal) at the top of the payment page

- Categorize all discounts and fees to clearly state the total cost before finalizing your order

Customers reward businesses they trust.

Customer trust is often a blind spot for companies, especially newly established companies, because founders do not question their own credibility. And why do we see ourselves as unreliable when it comes to delivering on our promises to customers and telling authentic stories in our marketing? But it's important to remember that belief is a matter of perception and every business needs to make money.

Over time, a business can build trust through many satisfied customers and positive word of mouth. Until then, your reputation will take precedence over you, and your site won't have to go into so many details. That doesn't mean a site shouldn't incorporate proven best practices. By doing so, customers can easily purchase from the store with confidence and the company can grow to the next level.

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