Andersson Bell | GLOBAL

Shopify Store Build


Clients: Stuart Corporation

Launching : 2023

  • Industry: Clothing
  • Shopify Plan: Shopify
  • Target For: GLOBAL
  • Based In: KR
  • Service Objective: Store building


ANDERSSON BELL is a brand started in Seoul in 2014 by a creative director who was inspired by Scandinavian culture, which contrasts with Korea. Anderson Bell started out by creating something new by reinterpreting the Scandinavian vibe from a Korean perspective. Anderson Bell's 'Andersson' is one of the common surnames in Sweden, and 'Bell' symbolizes a traditional Korean temple.

Anderson Bell, which combines these two cultural characteristics into one, is not limited to the current Scandinavian vibe and is showing Anderson Bell's unique sense of balance and unique sense by incorporating various cultures contrasting with Korea.

The Solution

ANDERSSON BELL Global Store is based on ANDERSSON BELL's unique design philosophy and is linked to PayPal, Eximbay payment systems, and DHL delivery system.

Google Rich Snippet optimization, social login, automatic cancellation function, email marketing, and restock notification function are set up and operated.

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