Shopify Store Build


Clients: Outin Futures Co., Ltd.

Launching : 2021

  • Industry: Health and Beauty
  • Shopify Plan: Shopify Plus
  • Target For: US
  • Based In: KR
  • Service Objective: Store building, additional store building


True Benefits for your skin

As a beauty brand of listed company Audin Futures, it presents steady sellers such as Metal Mascara, Azulen UV Tone-up Sun Primer, Canadian Clay Pore Cleanser, and Probiotic Relief Toning Pad, as well as collaboration products with idols such as Dreamcatcher.

The Solution

Neogen's North American store is linked to Shopify Payment, PayPal payment systems, and 3PL delivery system. Review app, rich snippet optimization, social login, automatic cancellation function, email marketing function, etc. are set up and operated.

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