Sennheiser | KR


Clients: Sonova Consumer Hearing Korea Ltd.

Launching: 2021

  • Industry: Hardware and Automotive
  • Shopify Plan: Shopify Plus
  • Target For: KR
  • Based In: KR
  • Service Objective: Construction consulting


Sennheiser is shaping the future of the audio industry with its long history, innovative culture, and passion for excellence.

With today's efforts, Sennheiser aims to open new horizons in the audio world of the future. This is the company's vision and the goal that all executives and employees strive to achieve. Sennheiser strives every day based on its long tradition, innovation-oriented culture and passion for excellence.

Sennheiser is not satisfied with just good sound; we want to find the best, most vibrant sound. Sound can transport listeners to distant places, awaken dormant emotions and even enhance the sense of taste. Sennheiser pursues sounds that are not only heard with the ears, but also felt and even seen with the whole body.

The Solution

The Sennheiser Store is linked to the Inicis payment system and its own delivery system.

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