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by 300cbt Team

Commerce has always developed interactively. Long before carts, catalogs, or even money were defined, people traded goods through conversation and personal relationships. The origins of trade also began with dialogue to negotiate, and we still believe that dialogue is always the key to building strong customer relationships.

E-commerce is no exception. Conversation with customers is an important marketing and strategy tool. That's why, just last year, Shopify launched Shopify Ping, a free messaging app that lets you manage all your incoming conversations across Facebook Messenger and Apple Business Chat.

Today, we’ll introduce Shopify Chat, the first native live chat feature that allows you to have real-time conversations with customers visiting your Shopify store.

Shopify Chat

Shopify Chat is a significant extension of the messaging capabilities already available in Shopify Ping. Of course, it is provided for free, and when Shop Chat is activated, it is displayed on all pages of the store so customers can easily get the help they want, solving their questions immediately and leading to more purchase conversions.

All chats are managed by Shopify Ping, so you can share product recommendations, discounts, and order history directly within the conversation with just a few taps, keeping every customer private and fast.

Customer Relationships are built through conversations.

In many ways, live chat brings us closer to the face-to-face customer experience we're used to when shopping.

E-commerce has brought about positive changes in shopping that is convenient and fast for customers, but one unintended side effect is that it has become easier to contact customers online through various channels, but on the contrary, it has become more difficult to contact customers directly. But the important role that conversations play in driving customer loyalty remains. Chat fills this part.

The store that customers want to return to and recommend is a store that has a ‘personal connection with me.’

Like a barista at your favorite cafe who knows your coffee tastes well, like a wine shop that recommends wines based on your tastes, and like a shopping friend who helps you with all your basic questions, live chat maintains the convenience and options available when shopping online. while making these important connections possible.

Customers are already showing a clear preference for live chat. 73% of customers say chat is the most satisfying way to communicate with businesses. However, the value of chat is not simply that it provides a good service for business conversation. At the same time, it has the powerful advantage of being able to encourage customers to convert from conversation to purchase. This is why more real-time interaction between customers and merchants is an absolute must.

Live chat reduces customer anxiety about purchasing and increases conversion rates.

Research from Forrester shows that customers who interact with brands have three times higher conversion rates and a 10-15% higher average cart value. What makes live chat effective at close of business is that real-time conversation with your business gives customers peace of mind and allows them to make more informed purchasing decisions.

Most of the questions customers think about before checking out are very personal, for example:

“Will this product arrive in time for the birthday party?”

“Will size US10 shoes fit me? I usually wear Vans US10.”

“Do you think your father-in-law will like this as a gift?”

“Will this coffee table match my living room furniture?”

“Is this mountain bike good for beginners?” In this way, it is involved in an individual's purchasing motivation and taste.

Product details should be written in advance to prepare for these questions as much as possible, but even just a single piece of personal information revealed in a live chat conversation can help ensure that if a customer needs to know more, you can respond in real time to avoid missing a sales opportunity.

Shopify chat messenger

Time is of the essence.

57% of customers abandon a purchase if their questions are not answered quickly. Customers are more likely to purchase by quickly resolving purchase uncertainty through conversation, imitating the sales method of purchasing in-store.

Real conversations unlock a new level of customer insight.

Today's advanced analytics tools have opened up a critical black box of valuable data for your business, including insights into customer demographics, how visitors behave, and how people react to your marketing. But there are more ways to gain insight about your customers than just the data you collect by clicking through these analytics tools. One of the fastest ways to gain a deeper understanding of the intent, purchase motivations, and expectations of your store visitors is to ask them important questions and get answers in real conversations.

Live chat helps businesses provide great service while engaging customers through conversation and conversion.

The honest, qualitative feedback you get from live chat conversations can reveal opportunities you might not otherwise notice. It can help you find inspiration for new products or fine-tune your marketing message to better resonate with potential customers.

Feedback helps us optimize our store for more sales.

When customers ask questions or share frustrating experiences, they often do not express themselves as a minority opinion rather than as a majority opinion. Most angry customers choose to brood in silence and make no more purchases. This is why feedback from these customers is important because many other customers will experience the same problem, so we can collect and supplement this feedback first.

Live chat allows you to receive feedback from all pages of the store, making it easy for anyone to resolve inquiries in real time. And the ability of live chat to request real-time feedback is also very helpful in identifying the root cause of issues that have come up many times. For example, if two or three people stop buying one of your products because they didn't see the size details, you can update that product's description with more detailed size information for future buyers.

Activate conversations that benefit ecommerce.

Live chat brings back to the forefront the 'conversation with customers' that has supported business so far, creating a stronger connection between companies and customers and ultimately increasing sales.

Chat and messaging help you drive sales and solve frustrating problems by connecting with your customers at the right time and in the right context, using the channels they already use and prefer. Shopify Chat allows you to efficiently and conveniently manage all your chats with Shopify Ping while still getting the best of one-on-one conversations.

So, shall we start chatting with customers for free starting today?

Shopify chat messenger

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