Shopify Unite 2019

by 300cbt Team

In Shopify every year jeon of the world with partner developers together gather together of e-commerce The future about Talk about Shopify Unite event It's going on of the year Shopify Unite is Canada in toronto local Time from June 19 to 20, 2019 during  It was held . K Shop event and schedule overlap Unfortunately Our 300cbt is not attending I couldn't do it Are you curious? People for this time In Unite announced Shopify new features and roadmap together take a look Let's share it do .

“The true power of Shopify comes from the diversity and strength of our ecosystem. Unite is an opportunity for our developer and partner community to come together and experience the Shopify roadmap. Only together can we shape the future of e-commerce. “We can empower the world’s entrepreneurs. -Toby Luecke, CEO of Shopify.”

 this time Shopify Unite's The key is Direct to Customer. To the brand business build and managing place necessary every Thing providing place focus Leave it platform improve and Update it E-commerce change there is . this time Shopify's In innovation newly updated enterprise level Shopify Plus (Shopify Plus) platform and More strong global e-commerce As a platform ability zoom in Fulfillment Network for provide , expand every of scale With stores More fast and cheap at cost product to deliver number there is fulfillment service to present The expected . this Besides this time Shopify In Unite presented new functions once Let's take a look . 

Shopify Unite 2019

Shopify Unite 2019

Delivering a new design experience for online stores

 Many entrepreneurs begin building their online store with clear goals for the look and feel of their online store. There are bound to be cases where you need help from experts to implement such a store. However, it has become easier to realize these designs yourself.
The new online store design experience allows merchants to more easily customize the design of their online stores to suit changing customer tastes without editing code. Shopify says its new online store design experience, coming later this year, significantly expands its existing customization options. You can manage your store's layout and aesthetics more effectively, and design changes are easier to save and preview than ever before.
    • By adding the ability to display products in video and 3D models within Shopify, you can provide an experience similar to actually trying out products in an online store. Using one of the 10 available themes, you can easily display videos or 3D models using the new Shopify Video Player or Shopify AR Viewer. If your theme is custom built, you can also add this feature manually.
    • Partners can now integrate subscription payments solutions directly into Shopify Checkout.

    Shopify Unite 2019 Strengthen branding by applying video and 3D models

    Strengthening cross-border selling for global growth

    Shopify Unite 2019 11 languages ​​available

    11 language functions are provided, and the new Korean language has been added to the Shopify management page. Currently, Korean, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Danish, Dutch, Finnish, Hindi, Malay, Norwegian, Swedish, and Thai are provided.
    • The Shopify Translation API allows your store to deliver a consistent shopping experience in multiple languages ​​by translating and storing relevant buyer content, including products, collections, and blog posts.
    • Through Shopify Payments, you can sell in multiple currencies on your store and receive settlement in your local currency. (Currently, business accounts located in Korea are not available.)

    Shopify Fulfillment Network

    Shopify Unite 2019 Shopify Fulfillment Network

    This is probably the biggest issue at Unite. The Shopify fulfillment network is currently available for early access, and provides a distributed fulfillment center network to U.S. merchants, using machine learning to deliver on time and reduce shipping costs. We expect that it will not only save money but also enable efficient management. They say they plan to start the service in the U.S. first and gradually expand it. I think they will be able to focus more on the brand and customer experience by utilizing the fulfillment network.
    • Integrated management of orders, inventory, customer database, etc. by synchronizing logistics channels in all regions in a single back office
    • Recommend the optimal logistics location through recent sales analysis
    • Inventory level alarm
    • 99.5% order accuracy
    • Logistics-related support

    New Shopify Plus

    By providing a single view of a merchant's entire business, tools to drive a consistent experience across all stores, and an easy way to create new stores, we help enterprise merchants move quickly, put customers at the heart, and unleash their growth potential.
    Shopify Unite 2019
    ▲New Shopify Plus

    Next-generation POS software launched

     POS and store linking services are not yet available in Korea, but Shopify can manage POS (Point of Sale) and online store linking. The new Shopify POS is faster, more intuitive, and more scalable POS software that gives retail merchants a simpler interface, new customer service shortcuts, and improved convenience for all of Shopify's POS app extensions. This makes integrated customer management possible to further increase customer loyalty.
    Shopify Unite 2019
    Shopify POS store
    We looked at the contents of the 2019 Shopify Unite. As a global multi-channel e-commerce platform used by 800,000 merchants in 175 countries around the world, the attention of many e-commerce officials was focused on the innovation and updates of Shopify. In particular, the admin page and manual are provided in Korean, which is good news for Korean merchants who have had difficulty using the admin page due to the language. Thanks to this, more Korean merchants are expected to choose Shopify.

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