2020 Shopify Reunite Summary

by 300cbt Team

Shopify Unite is a partner conference held once a year to share Shopify feature updates and related tips. This year, due to COVID, it was held only online, and we briefly summarized important topics.

Due to the recent COVID impact, features based on Contactless have been added. Some features have been launched now, and almost all features are scheduled to be updated by the end of the year.


The installment feature allows customers to purchase products in installments without a fee for Shop Pay payments.


  • Express theme: Add a free theme specialized for restaurants and offline stores
  • Multi Page Editing is possible as an Add section menu will be created on each page.
  • Enhanced subscription payment function and added upselling & cross-selling function


Ability to receive tips on the payment page. Tips received can also be donated.

Multi-store Domains

Multiple domains can be set up in one store

Shopify POS (Point of Sale)

POS update: Integration with app within POS, addition of staff management function, integration with pickup function (Buy online pick them up in store)

Shopify Ping

Ping is a Shopify native chat app that is currently only available on iOS, but will be updated to be available on Android within this year.


A shop channel will be created in the admin to manage content to be exposed to the shop as a customer app that combines stores using Shopify.

Local Delivery

Added local delivery option with direct delivery from merchants

Shopify Fulfillment network

Announced in 2019, the service is currently limited, but the service area will be expanded in the future.

Online Store Performance Dashboard

A function to measure performance such as site access speed will be added.

Shopify Balance

A credit card that can add the merchant's logo will be provided as a financial solution for SMBs.


It would be nice if theme editing and Shopify fulfillment were updated as soon as possible.

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